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The Best Braid Hair Tutorials

Recycled Tin Can Crafts and Projects

Clean the empty cans with warm water and soap. Rinse and dry immediately. Do not put them in the dishwasher does not oxidise pair. Almost all cans have a thin metal edge at the top and bottom. The edges will serve to define the decor: paint, paper, cloth, etc ... For your safety, if you had to open the can with a can opener, sand the edge with steel wool, to make sure that it is not capable of cutting areas. Decorate with paint cans
To decorate your cans with paint, it is preferable to rub the area that you can paint with a mop: This will help the paint to fine better. Then clean with a damp paper towel to remove residue and let dry. If the can is "plasticized" inside (ie having white color) and not have to paint the inside. Otherwise, you'll need to varnish or paint color that will not rust over time. Decorate the cans with paper or cloth
If you can and want to use them has edges, paint the edges (can be up to 3 layers of paint). Mark the height of the can into your paper and c…

17 Surprisingly Clever DIY Tricks That Actually Work

There are going to be quite a few things you are looking to get done around the house. Going to the store is not always something you are interested in doing to solve every are 17 DIY solutions for your everyday problems.HERE

20 Cats Caught Red-Handed And Publicly Shamed

Pay Attention: 21 Foods You've Been Eating The Wrong Way Your Whole Life

This is for salad addicts: make to-go salads in mason jars. Whatever you do, do NOT put the salad dressing on the top.


Top 10 Ways to Boost Your Home Wi-Fi

Troubleshooting your network's wireless performance can seem like a baffling exercise, until you consider that there are really just two main factors to consider—coverage and speed.
it's great to have a screaming-fast wireless network, but if you only get decent speed when your laptop is right next to the router, the speed isn't worth much. You need to boost the signal's range.
Here are some tips to boost your wifi performance:
Top 10 Ways to Boost Your Home Wi-Fi