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Recycled Tin Can Crafts and Projects

How to decorate cans recycled?
Clean the empty cans with warm water and soap. Rinse and dry immediately. Do not put them in the dishwasher does not oxidise pair.
Almost all cans have a thin metal edge at the top and bottom. The edges will serve to define the decor: paint, paper, cloth, etc ...
For your safety, if you had to open the can with a can opener, sand the edge with steel wool, to make sure that it is not capable of cutting areas.
Decorate with paint cans

To decorate your cans with paint, it is preferable to rub the area that you can paint with a mop: This will help the paint to fine better. Then clean with a damp paper towel to remove residue and let dry.
If the can is "plasticized" inside (ie having white color) and not have to paint the inside. Otherwise, you'll need to varnish or paint color that will not rust over time.
painted cans
Decorate the cans with paper or cloth

If you can and want to use them has edges, paint the edges (can be up to 3 layers of paint).
Mark the height of the can into your paper and cut it out. Then wrapped around the can and measure the length. Add 1 cm for the paper overlaps itself.
recycle cans and decorate with fabric or paper
Idea fabrics
Using raffia, needles and ribbons, you can make this beautiful com containers for the bathroom, to put flowers, etc ...
recycle cans and decorate
cans decorate with fabric and raffia
Decorate with natural elements: string, wood, etc. ...

We started to decorate your cans with sticks: in principle the idea is to recycle, but if you have so many sticks at home you can buy in a craft store or a "Everything 100". To hold them, you can use simple rubber (see photo) to put all the sticks. Finally puedesx use raffia, rope, etc ... To decorate.
Another option is to use wooden sticks of different sizes: small tarball cut them with a saw and paste them into the can.
decorate cans recycled wood and chopsticks
he rope and cork are also interesting alternatives: To get the drawing up of the rubber (as in the photo) can use stencils and paint over the rubber, better do it before pasting it into the can.
decorate recycled cans with string and cork
Cans as bird dining :
cans as pencil case
Cans to save plants
Cans to store cutlery
can to make lenterns


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